Product Review: Beauty formulas Deep pore cleanser 

I came across this cleanser while browsing at nakumatt Supermarket and to be truthful what initially dre me to it was the price. It’s very affordable costing only a paltry  ksh 250 or about 2.50$.  I comes in a tube with a flip cap and its colored blue which is quite easy on the eyes.                                                                                                                                         

Salicylic  acid is mentioned as one the ingredients which is actually very good in penetrating the pores to remove dirt,oil and makeup so that was a plus for me. The directions on the pack Suggested the use of cotton wool to apply the product on the face which I found to be quite wasteful and i didn’t get that clean feel. So instead  I use my fingers to massage the product onto my wet face then I rinse it off. 

It’s not foamy it’s kinda soap less  which is good  because soap based cleansers tend to strip the skin off its natural oils. I love how my skin feels after using it.  I have used it for a month and my skin feels amazing, I had dry patches and dead skin  around my nose and I can say I’ve seen great improvement. I No longer experience drying after cleansing my skin.  I would definitely recommend this product. 

Rating 4/5



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